Types of Braces

The Major Types of Braces: Breaking Things Down For generations, people who have bite issues, crooked teeth or who are experiencing some other type of dental problem have all turned to the same basic solution to meet their needs: braces. While a lot of people assume that braces are only something you do when you’re […]

Braces for Children

Braces for Children: Here’s Everything You Need to Know Not every child is going to need braces as they get older. Indeed, we all seem to know that one lucky person who had perfect teeth all throughout their life. But for many others, issues develop as their jaw continues to change over time along with […]

Braces for Teens

Braces for Teens: Here’s What You Need To Know Braces for teens work in a few different ways depending on exactly which type you’re talking about. Traditional braces, for example, consist of a series of brackets that are attached to the teen’s teeth and a wire that then connects the brackets to each other. The […]

Braces for Adults

Why Braces Are More Than Worth It For Adults While it’s certainly true that many people get braces when they’re younger, the truth is that there is no such thing as “waiting too long” when it comes to making such an important decision like investing in braces. For starters, if you have a bite issue, […]

Braces FAQs

What Types of Foods Should I Avoid While Wearing Braces? Generally speaking, you won’t find that you have to alter your diet in any dramatic way while wearing braces. You do, however, have to proceed with caution in certain areas and indeed there are a number of different foods that you will definitely want to […]