2 Major Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

Fear of the unknown is human nature and some nervousness is to be expected prior to starting orthodontic treatment or even just learning more information on orthodontic treatment. You may even be second guessing if orthodontic treatment is right for you. There are many options to receiving orthodontic treatment, however the ultimate goal is a healthy straight smile.

Here are 2 benefits of having straight teeth, you may have never thought of.

1.  Healthier Gums: 

When your teeth are aligned perfectly, your gums are healthier. The proper treatment allows your teeth to be aligned properly into place, therefore your gums fit better around each tooth. This allows bacteria to grow in few places. This all decreases your risk of gum disease.

2. Improves Your Overall Health 

There is a big bridge between your teeth and oral health and your the overall health of your body. The tooth decay and gum disease associated with crooked teeth are caused by decay. Left untreated, this bacteria can lead to mouth sores, bleeding gums and possible tooth loss.

Studies by the ADA have also proven that bacteria can create oral infections, which may lead to more serious problems such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and pneumonia.

Understanding that orthodontic treatment is so much more than improving your teeth. Your smile benefits both your physical and mental health.