3 Benefits of Orthodontics

Your thinking about getting braces or invisalign? Congratulations! Did you know there are other benefits to orthodontics, other than a straight smile? No doubt, you will feel confident and smile every chance you get, after treatment. Here are three benefits to orthodontics.

1. Gum Disease: 
Out gums are the essential foundation to our teeth. Our gums are also connected to the overall health of our body. Having straight teeth, allows our teeth to be spaced out evenly and prevent tooth decay and cavities by making it easier to brush out teeth, floss and avoid plaque buildup.

2. Improved Speech:
Disproportionately teeth have an impact on our speech and the way we sound out words. Teeth that are not straightened make it harder for someone to pronounce particular sounds, which could cause an effect on our personal or professional life. And just like with the health and aesthetic aspect of having braces, having straightened teeth significantly improves the way you sound out words.

3. Improving Bad Bites:
A bad bite can cause problems with eating, chewing and even speech. All because your teeth do not fit properly together. This also make your jaw tired, which eventually leads to tooth loss. Thanks to orthodontic treatment, it will help to realign these upper and lower parts of your mouth to properly fix any bad bite’s you may have.

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