Have Braces? Avoid these Christmas Treats!

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The Holidays are here and that means Christmas time, spending time with family, endless sweets and of course no school for kids. The holidays are the perfect time to celebrate with family and also a time where we can slip up on certain foods to avoid, especially if we have braces. From sugar, to cookies to gingerbread houses, there is no end in the sweet treats. Here are three foods to avoid this holiday season.

1. Candy Canes: 
These beautiful perfect treats are one to avoid this season if you have braces. The hard candy could damage your braces and the stickiness of the peppermint candy can get stuck in between your orthodontic appliances.

2. Popcorn:
If you string popcorn around your tree, you know this how involves eating the popcorn as well. Popcorn is a great treat, however you may want to stay away from it this year. Popcorn is notorious for getting stuck in between teeth and your braces.

3. Caramel Sweets
Who doesn’t love the sweet caramel treats this time of year. From caramel apple to caramel drizzled on your popcorn to your Starbucks drink, seems like caramel is everywhere this time of year. Be sure to stay away from this sticky treat, because it can be damaging to your teeth and braces.

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